I decided to go build a boat.

It was going to be about 14 ft long as I had 2 sheets of 10mm thick plywood.

It was going to be about 3ft 6 wide as I needed to hack some off the bottom to make sides.

I found some glue and some angled bits of wood.

Oh, and a hammer and box of screws....


I was quite proud of it....

Im not going to admit that it rolled down the slipway on its trolley on its maiden launch.... and er.....forgot to stay on the surface.

Seems you actually need something called freeboard and it needs to displace more than it weighs. Dont worry about the weird words. You dont need them.

The object of this writeup is to help you avoid the little mistakes others make.

Oh....and the huge disasters lunatics like me attempt.

.....And end up with something that you actually like.