Planning it.

Boat design.

You have a choice here. You can either copy what every one else does and hope they are right, or work out why they do what they do and then make your own choice.

I hate to get to the end of a project and be left wondering...if I had done that bit a bit different, I think it would have been better.

The thing that usually stops us deciding at the right time is lack of knowledge.

Often its not having the right people to ask all the questions that would probably make you look stupid, or are so obviously simple they probably wouldn't bother to reply.

If you are happy to just copy everyone else, then you may want to go to the next underlined heading.


Time to look for some understanding of basic principles.

Or....Stupid question time!

Most stupid question....

Building a box would be faster and easier and I wouldn't have to cut out curves.

So Why are boats pointy?

Er....To answer this you need a tub of margarine or butter, or icecream...

and a lego brick or a box of matches, or anything small box shaped and sharp edged.

Push the brick over the marg.

The edge scrapes up some of what its passing over and makes a lump that you have to push along with the brick.

This takes more effort and slows you down.

If you simply want to drift, say down a river, letting the current move you, then this would be fine. That's how rafts work.

If you want to actually travel through the water, other shapes may be easier to work with.

Note...I haven't said this is a bad shape, just that for travelling, there may be more suitable shapes.

Ultimately, what I want from a boat, and what you want may be completely different.

Making these choices as to what will do what you want is the art of boat design. Some people are really good at it, and Im getting better. I think.